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When someone falls into obsessive behavior, he is looking to give himself satisfaction that alleviates his mental or psychological discomfort. Obsessions are attachments, actions, and often unconscious actions that make us feel good, generating pleasure. The negative part of the matter is that a repetitive act can turn into an addiction and sometimes into unusual addictions. That is, in a physical and mental illness that, apart from controlling our lives, can also cause us many health problems. When we refer to the concept of health, we refer to physical well-being and mental health, but also to comprehensive personal development.

Unusual Addictions

With more than seven billion people in this world, it is impossible not to think about how many strange things could happen each day. You can be addicted to almost anything, as long as it is carried out in such a way that the person reaches the point of losing control over the addictive behavior in question. This article lists 10 of the most unusual addictions in the world.

Eating Hair Addiction

Woman eating her own hair an unusual addiction.

Among the unusual addictions, this is one of the most intriguing. It is also known as trichophagia or Rapunzel syndrome. It is a psychological disorder defined by compulsively and uncontrolled eating one’s own or other people’s hair, becoming very serious because it causes intestinal obstructions. It is a relatively rare disorder that affects mostly women under 30 years of age. People who suffer from trichophagia tend to develop a ritual when it comes to ingesting the hair that is difficult to control. The hair they use is usually that of the scalp, but it can be from other parts of the body on various occasions.

Drinking Nail Polish

Different nail polish colours spilt on white background.

This is an addiction that Bertha, a young woman who lives in Florence, in the state of Alabama, USA, suffers. Five years ago, Bertha was curious to know how nail polish tasted, having been attracted to its smell. Since then, her addiction has escalated, consuming up to 5 bottles per day. According to her, she has two ways of taking it, either directly from the pot or by painting her tongue with the brush; depending on the color, she appreciates different flavors, and her favorite is blue. She also says that glitter, or sequin polishes are her favorites as they make her shine both inside and out.

Addiction to Tanning

Woman laying on sunbed who has a tanning addiction.

Among the unusual addictions, there is tanorexia or addiction to tanning. Under this addiction, we can find low self-esteem situations, need for acceptance or approval by others, a problem of depression, or giving excessive importance to the beauty and external appearance of each one. It is an exaggerated and irrational concern for having tanned skin to unsightly and even dangerous limits. The abuse of the sun’s rays will in the future lead to the appearance of diseases that will affect the skin, such as burns, melanomas or skin cancer, eye injuries, as well as a weakening of the immune system or premature aging of the skin.

Drinking Human Blood

White cup of human blood for those who have an unusual addiction.

Consuming the blood of friends, partners, and family is the rare addiction of a young woman named Michelle. Always consume blood from someone you know as a friend, family member, or partner, so you have no doubts because it is safer. She even points out that each person has a particular flavor.

Eating Toilet Paper

Man eating toilet paper as a result of allotrophagia, one of the most unusual addictions.

This is one of the unusual addictions that are part of those derived from allotrophagia (consumption of inedible objects). The addiction to eating toilet paper as a result of allotrophagia has a significant negative effect on human health, particularly digestive health. The consumption of toilet paper can damage the digestive tract for various reasons, such as irritation of the intestine, inflammation of the stomach, and multiple malabsorption problems. All this produces rectal disturbances, which also develop due to the expulsion of this element.

Tattoo Addiction

A man who is addicted to tattoos getting another one.

The pain caused by the realization of a tattoo plays an important role in the attachment that they exert on those who have tried them. The secretion of endorphins that occurs during the tattoo creation process can be similar to that caused by some drugs, and this explains, in part, the feeling the feeling that leads to addiction. This is also why there are not many people with just one tattoo.

Attending Funerals

People at a graveside attending a funeral. Attending the funerals of strangers is one of the most unusual addictions.

A man from Brazil has one of the most unusual addictions. His addiction began with his father’s funeral more than 20 years ago. Since then, every morning, he investigates the deaths of the people of his town to attend their funerals.

Inhaling Aerosols

Close-up of the top of an aerocol can, used in aerosol spray addiction.

Some drug addicts decide to inhale commonly used sprays, such as deodorants. Inhalation of aerosols is estimated to kill approximately 125 people a year in the United States, especially adolescents in the country’s most deprived areas. However, cases have been described in many other countries in the rest of the world. For example, in December 2017, the story was published of a sixteen-year-old Argentine man who died of cardiac arrest after inhaling an air freshener spray.

Eating Stones

Six stones on white background.

This disorder is another case of the unusual addictions that form allotrophagy. This is the case of Teresa, a middle-aged woman who loves granite and ingests an average of one kilogram of stones a day, which becomes about 365 kilos of stone a year on average accumulated in her stomach, a fact that is causing severe health problems. What attracted her to the stones was their earthy smell, and now she is addicted to their taste and texture.

Drinking Too Much Water

Man holding phone drinking water.

Although water is vital and it is necessary to ingest 2 liters per day, a problem can arise when fluid intake becomes an obsession and leads to a little-known disorder, commonly called potomania, or an addiction to water, although it is also known as psychogenic polydipsia. Potomania is known as an unspecified eating disorder, which consists of the uncontrolled desire to drink large amounts of fluids, usually water. Ingesting more than two or three liters of water a day becomes a problem for the body and is harmful to health because it can alter the proper functioning of the kidneys and the composition of the blood (which should contain 8% water), which endangers the balance of fluids and electrolytes within the body.